Zak |Branicka

The Foundation and the namesake art gallery operate to increase the visibility of Eastern European art in Europe’s capital of contemporary art, Berlin.

Lindenstr. 35 (3rd floor)

The ŻAK | BRANICKA Foundation, based in Krakow, and its Berlin gallery, ŻAK | BRANICKA, are dedicated to the integration of primarily Polish and other Eastern European art into the international art context.  Under the direction of Monika Branicka and Asia Żak, the gallery is located on Lindenstr. 34-35 in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district.

ŻAK | BRANICKA is committed to the promotion of those artists maintaining the traditions of the Eastern European avant-garde in the art of the present, increasing the visibility of Eastern European art in Europe’s capital of contemporary art, Berlin.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

sun, mon

T: +49 30 611 07375
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Lindenstr. 35 (3rd floor)

Past Exhibitions
KwieKulik: The Monument Without a Passport
ŻAK | BRANICKA is proud to present, in the frame of Gallery Weekend Berlin 2016, a solo exhibition by the...
30 Apr 2016 - 30 Jul 2016
ŻAK | BRANICKA presents the group exhibition “3/1/1”, a collaborative project between the...
10 Sep 2016 - 22 Oct 2016
Ryszard Wasko: Who’s Afraid of Colour? (Positive vs. Negative)
Zak |Branicka presents “Who’s Afraid of Colour? (Positive vs. Negative)”, a solo exhibition...
29 Oct 2016 - 14 Jan 2017
Jasmina Cibic: Firm Foundations
Zak |Branicka presents “Firm Foundations”, a solo show by the artist Jasmina Cibic. The...
21 Jan 2017 - 08 Apr 2017
Robert Kuśmirowski: Lindenstr. 35
On the occasion of this exhibition, the artist is occupying the gallery’s space, transforming the venue into...
29 Apr 2017 - 02 Sep 2017
Marlena Kudlicka: Elements of Peaceful Engagement
Polish artist Marlena Kudlicka is interested in the physical and mental process behind the creation of...
16 Sep 2017 - 18 Nov 2017
Diogo Pimentāo: Extended Meaning
The solo exhibition Extended Meaning features the works by the artist Diogo Pimentāo, which express his...
15 Sep 2018 - 17 Nov 2018