Anca Poterașu Gallery

A gallery dedicated to recent and contemporary art, which focuses on supporting and promoting art-related initiatives and the Romanian curators’ projects

Anca Poterașu Gallery is a contemporary art gallery founded in May 2011 in a late 19th century old heritage building in Bucharest. Starting out from just 20 m2 of exhibition space in the unique turn-of-the-century-old setting, the Gallery has since expanded, becoming one of the best well-known art establishments in the city.

The Gallery shows art in different media – painting, drawing, art-objects, installation, photography and moving image work. It focuses on presenting, promoting and furthering the career of Romanian artists – well-established names such as Matei Bejenaru, film-maker Irina Botea, Nicu Ilfoveanu or Robert Koteles and Zoltan Bela as well as younger emerging artists, such as Iulian Bisericaru, Daniel Djamo and Olivia Mihălțianu. The exhibition programme is centred on curatorial practice that encourages collaborations with art practitioners from across the country and from around the world. Organising between five and seven shows a year, the programme varies between solo and group exhibitions from Anca Poterasu Gallery’s roster as well as guest artists. The international residency programme – PLANTELOR 58 – has been initiated in 2014 by the Romanian Association of Contemporary Arts (ARAC) in collaboration with the gallery, by expanding the existing exhibition space with living and working quarters for the resident artists.

With a solid platform in Bucharest, Anca Poterasu Gallery aims to further develop the international visibility of its artists through cooperation with galleries and institutions outside Romania as well as by continuing its uninterrupted participation in selected international art fairs.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm; sat 10:00 am – 6:00 am

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T: +40 744 342 944
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58 Plantelor Street, sector 2

Past Exhibitions
Signal: Invisibility Transmitted
Radio: the act of communicating meaning at first hearing through the process of transmitting words, sounds...
14 Sep 2016 - 31 Oct 2016
Tree Line / Doina Simionescu / In Memoriam
Doina Simionescu was an elegant presence. The way she lived, the way she dressed and dined, the way she...
11 Nov 2016 - 14 Jan 2017
Light Falls / Dragos Badita
Sunlight burns the retina ever so slightly every time we open our eyes. Seeing is also blindness. Dragoș...
03 Feb 2017 - 15 Mar 2017