Laborna Contemporary Art Gallery

Established in 2013 in Bucharest by Ciprian Paleologu, Traian Boldea and Daniel Ștefănică

Icoanei Street 17

Laborna Contemporary Art Gallery marks the monthly professional individual artistic performance. It preserves the artist’s activity over a fixed period of time – one month – without claiming to hold an “exhibition”. The presentations for the general public are called BORNE (“MILESTONES”) and are organized every month on the last Tuesday.

The artists who contributed to the gallery are: Traian Boldea and Ciprian Paleologu, each having an individual exhibition space. The third distinct space is represented by a contemporary art collector, Daniel Ștefănică, who exhibits every month the works he had purchased during the respective period.

The forth space, called SCARA (the « LADDER ») is dedicated to young artists, so that for two consecutive MILESTONES, an artist who is at the beginning of his carrier has the opportunity, following a selection, to contribute to completing the Laborna Gallery profile.

The public is used to the « purged » version both to the artist’s vision as well as the collector’s, recognizing a series of filters – curator, exhibition concept, project analysed, redefined, and « wrapped » in the « spectacular -viewing » form, museum, antique collections, etc. The access to the laboratory of the artist or the collector’s is fairly rare, the full perspective which his vision is built on being most often difficult to follow.

Contacts & Details
mon, tue, wed, thu, fri 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

sat, sun

T: +40740264227
W: Laborna Contemporary Art Gallery

Icoanei Street 17

Represented Artists
Ciprian Paleologu
Traian Boldea
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