Carbon 12

Established in 2008 by Kouroush Nouri and Nadine Knotzer



Established in 2008, Carbon 12 was the first gallery in the region to initiate a comprehensive, firmly global, program of institution-grade artists.

Internationally active, Carbon 12 promotes both established and emerging artists to the UAE contemporary art scene, supplementing its 6 – 8 annual exhibitions with diverse contextual activities including publications and talks that actively engage the public and educational institutions.

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mon, tue, wed, thu, sat, sun 11:30 am – 7:00 pm


T: +971 4 340 6016
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Warehouse 37, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1

Past Exhibitions
Gil Heitor Cortesão: Out of Season
The new paintings of Gil Heitor Cortesão (b. 1967, Portugal), maintain the aqueous dimensions and...
12 Jan 2015 - 08 Mar 2015
Gil Heitor Cortesão: Coming Home
Carbon 12 presents the latest Gil Heitor Cortesão‘s solo exhibition: Coming Home. Cortesão’s...
10 Sep 2012 - 01 Nov 2012
Sarah Rahbar: Swarming
Memory and ideological symbols are remixed with a very direct, physical syntax, while deconstructing...
08 Nov 2014 - 08 Jan 2015
Anahita Razmi: Sharghzadegi
In Sharghzadegi, Anahita Razmi (b. 1981, Hamburg)’s second solo exhibition  at Carbon 12, the...
18 Mar 2015 - 30 Apr 2015
James Clar: Double Rainbow All The Way
For his second solo exhibition at Carbon 12, media artist James Clar has created works that draw upon...
17 Sep 2015 - 07 Nov 2015
Gil Heitor Cortesão and Daniel Rich: On a Boat, Looking to Land
Carbon 12 presents the exhibition On a Boat, Looking to Land, a curated exhibition showing the new works...
15 Nov 2015 - 07 Jan 2016
Philip Mueller: Dreams in Blue. The Year Philip Mueller didn’t Wake Up
A confrontation with the enormity of a gestural Mueller work is an introduction to what it means to be...
14 Jan 2016 - 08 Mar 2016
Ghazel: Mea Culpa
The solo exhibition “Mea Culpa” revolves around the map motif used in diverse, sometimes...
14 Mar 2016 - 01 May 2016
Surface as Interface as Surface
The contemporary tendency toward abstraction fuels our need for the concrete: as our world becomes increasingly...
16 May 2016 - 15 Aug 2016
Monika Grabuschnigg & Christine Kettaneh: Visceral Silence
Imagine a mute language. Picture texts that cannot be read—sequences of word-like non-words that confound...
18 Sep 2016 - 19 Nov 2016
Visceral Silence
In “Visceral Silence“, two artists invest the Carbon 12 gallery space with their distinctly...
18 Sep 2016 - 07 Nov 2016
Olaf Breuning. The Good Old Evolution
There is something a little playful and a touch brut, but certainly not naïve, in the works of Swiss-born...
13 Nov 2016 - 10 Jan 2017
Bernhard Buhmann: Modern Times
Carbon 12 presents Bernhard Buhmann’s solo exhibition “Modern Times”. Referencing Charlie...
15 Jan 2017 - 28 Feb 2017
Sara Rahbar: Salvation
“Salvation” is the fourth Sara Rahbar’s solo show at Carbon 12. The artist to amplify the sufferings...
13 Mar 2017 - 25 Apr 2017
Amba Sayal-Bennett: Plane Maker
“Plane Maker” is Amba Sayal-Bennett’s first solo show in the region and at the gallery. The...
22 May 2017 - 05 Sep 2017
Gil Heitor Cortesão: Umbra
Carbon 12 presents a solo show by Portuguese artist Gil Heitor Cortesão. The show, Umbra, is his fourth...
18 Mar 2018 - 01 May 2018
Elizabeth Wild: Fantasías
Born in Vienna in 1922, Elisabeth Wild emigrated with her parents to Buenos Aires, Argentina, fleeing...
14 Jan 2019 - 10 Mar 2019
Bernhard Buhmann: The Chaser, the Ambusher and the Fickle
The Austrian artist Bernhard Buhmann has his solo show at Carbon 12 gallery, Dubai, titled “The...
18 Mar 2019 - 01 May 2019