Galeria Zderzak

The gallery was founded in 1985 in Krakow as a private, independent institution, operating beyond censorship and beyond contemporary art institutions.

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The aim of the gallery was to present the most interesting phenomena in the young Polish art – in the mid-eighties, it was a wave of “returning to painting” and the Neue Wilde movement.
In the nineties, the Gallery had a new goal- working from an archeology of culture. Presentations of artists forgotten or neglected by art history, and important for Polish culture, were connected with the movement of the recovery of historical memory appropriate for the transition period.

Since 1989, Zderzak acts as a trading company. The gallery name and logo are protected by law. The owner of the gallery is Marta Tarabuła. The gallery specializes in the sale of contemporary Polish painting. The gallery offers expertise on the works of Andrzej Wroblewski and certificates of authenticity for all its artists.

The Zderzak gallery has a strong personality. The circumstances in which it was established – a period of political repression, the underground Solidarity movement, the boycott, the flowering of independent culture – had an impact on its character and continues to define it to this day. The gallery is individualistic, in contrast to the closeness and emotions raised by the Solidarity movement which defined the era.

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Floriańska 3