Arredondo Arozarena, opened in 2010 by th name of “talcual” Galería in la colonia Roma. One of its main goals is to promote new contemporary art, living faraway the “mainstream” art, as well as to promote contemporary and cultural dialogues.


Directed by Andres Arredondo and Georgina Arozarena, ArredondoArozarena, opened in 2010 by the name “talcual” in la Colonia Roma. One of its main goals is to promote new contemporary art, living faraway the “mainstream” art, as well as to promote contemporary and cultural dialogues. The gallery’s distinctive activities, display a range of discourses relevant to contemporary art and cultural practice through its exhibitions, its Proyecto Vitrina, and diverse interdisciplinary programs. Known for its quality programming, ArredondoArozarena aims to expose its represented artists to broader audiences, nationally and internationally, through ties with major museums, art foundations, curators and critics.

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tue, wed, thu, fri 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm; sat 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

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T: +52 55 5514 9616
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Ezequiel Montes #36, Col. Tabacalera

Past Exhibitions
Luis Úrculo: The Things
Stop reading these characters. The twenty-nine of them (including spaces) that your eyes have registered...
02 Feb 2016 - 07 May 2016
A la conquista del caucho
ArredondoArozarena presents the group exhibition ‘A la conquista del caucho‘. The selection...
25 Jun 2016 - 09 Oct 2016
Gustavo Abascal: Pathetic Deceit
Arredondo Arozarena Gallery presents Gustavo Abascal‘s solo show: “Falacia patética”...
17 Nov 2016 - 21 Jan 2017
Israel Martínez: Imagen Pública / Public Image
This exhibition talks about the work of Israel Martínez and how he approaches the link between music...
07 Feb 2017 - 06 May 2017
Rodolfo Díaz Cervantes
Rodolfo Díaz Cervantes‘s work addresses a concern for the process and meaning of materials, as...
05 Feb 2018 - 07 Apr 2018