Travesía Cuatro CDMX

May 2019 marked the opening of Travesia Cuatro CDMX, a new gallery space in Mexico City with a focus on presenting the work of international emerging artists as well as historical exhibitions.

Founded in 2003 in Madrid by Silvia Ortiz and Inés López-Quesada, TRAVESÍA CUATRO has devoted itself to constantly renovate its focus and goals as a gallery. Initially, the need to create a tangible link between the artistic scenes in Europe and Latin America was its primary intention; nowadays TRAVESÍA CUATRO aims to reflect the polyphony and the diversity of discourses that coexist within these contexts.
Contacts & Details

Tue—Thu 10am to 6pm
Fri 10am to 4pm
Sat 11am to 3pm

Past Exhibitions
Escultura de viaje [Travel Sculpture]
Fantasy is born of freedom. Invention and creativity are born, instead, of function and need. – Bruno Munari
04 Feb 2020
Travesía Cuatro CDMX
Mexico City