David Castillo Gallery

Founded in 2005 in Miami by David Castillo, the gallery works primarily with artists acting as agents of contemporary climate.


Located in the historic Albert Anis 420 Lincoln Road building in Miami Beach, David Castillo Gallery focuses on conceptual curatorial models and their relation with the investigation of identity from a historical, cultural and personal point of view. The gallery’s programme features international artists, whose studio practices actively engage with the contemporary climate.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

mon, sun

T: +1 305 573 8110
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420 Lincoln Road, Suite 300

Current Exhibitions
Sanford Biggers
Artist Sanford Biggers has his fourth solo exhibition at David Castillo Gallery, Miami, during Art Basel...
02 Dec 2019 - 31 Jan 2020
Past Exhibitions
David Castillo Gallery Pop-up
The David Castillo Gallery Pop-up includes solo projects by: Susan Lee-Chun (b. 1976, Seoul); she creates...
01 Dec 2014 - 31 Jan 2015
Jose Lerma: Guaynabichean Odyssey
Conceptually, in this new body of work, Jose Lerma (b. 1971, Seville) is interested in connecting the...
01 Dec 2014 - 31 Jan 2015
Robert Melee: Its Last Move
David Castillo Gallery presents Its Last Move, a solo show by Robert Melee. Through painting, sculpture,...
18 Sep 2015 - 31 Oct 2015
Sanford Biggers and Xaviera Simmons
Sanford Biggers’ works integrate film/video, installation, sculpture, drawing, original music and performance. ...
14 Nov 2015 - 31 Jan 2016
Kate Gilmore at David Castillo Gallery
Kate Gilmore imposes upon her own physicality in post-feminist critiques of sex and gender. Gilmore shapes...
01 Feb 2015 - 31 Mar 2015
Kate Gilmore: Love ’em, Leave ’em
David Castillo Gallery presents “Love ’em, Leave ’em”, new and recent artworks...
19 Feb 2016 - 31 Mar 2016
Jillian Mayer: Day Off
For the exhibition Day Off, Jillian Mayer brings digital mediations into the political landscape of representation....
14 Apr 2016 - 31 May 2016
Susan Lee-Chun: It’s a pleasure (not) to meet you
A collection of Kung Fu figurine soaps, five key chains cast from life-sized feet: peering into the clinical...
14 Apr 2016 - 31 May 2016
Shinique Smith: Spectrums
Spectrums is a conversation with the artist’s upbringing in non-Western and New Age spiritual thought...
09 Jun 2016 - 23 Jul 2016
Pepe Mar: Excess of Sleep Produces Monsters
David Castillo Gallery presents “Excess of Sleep Produces Monsters“, a solo exhibition of...
15 Sep 2016 - 19 Nov 2016
David Castillo Gallery presents “tête-à-tête”, a group show on view from November 28, 2016 until...
28 Nov 2016 - 31 Jan 2017
Francie Bishop Good: Comus
David Castillo Gallery presents a new exhibition featuring the newly printed yearbook by Francie Bishop...
08 Feb 2017 - 25 Mar 2017
Gamaliel Rodriguez: Greetings from the Abandoned Land
David Castillo Gallery presents “Greetings from the Abandoned Land”, a solo exhibition by...
13 Apr 2017 - 31 May 2017
Glexis Novoa: Bad Niños
David Castillo Gallery presents “Bad Niños”, a solo exhibition featuring works by the artist Glexis...
13 Apr 2017 - 31 May 2017
Christina Quarles
Christina Quarles presents us with images of bodies and people affected by an excess of representation....
04 Dec 2017 - 31 Jan 2018
The Strangeness Will Wear Off
“The Strangeness Will Wear Off” is a collective exhibition which reflects upon the legacy...
03 Dec 2018 - 31 Jan 2019