Lakeeren Gallery

Committed to exhibiting avant-garde contemporary art practices from India, and its subcontinent. With an emphasis on critical discourse and curating, the gallery is involved in presenting art that is reflective of our zeitgeist.

6/18 Grants Building (Level 2) Arthur Bunder Road Colaba

Lakeeren, one of the first contemporary art galleries to be established in the western suburbs (1995-2003) of Mumbai, India, was conceived with a specific vision. Lakeeren, which in Urdu or Hindi means “lines,” was adopted as a name symbolizing the luminal, threshold or the possibility of crossings that can be traversed through art. Hence, Lakeeren’s very essence translated itself into a specific mission from the very beginning, almost in anticipation of its unique role and vision that ensure it a place in the history of Indian Contemporary art. Consequently, Lakeeren with its innovative concept provided a much-needed impetus for showcasing new, avant-garde contemporary art in India, especially since the mid-1990s posed a difficult moment for Indian contemporary art. It was a period when young and upcoming artists were grappling to establish a unique language that challenged mainstream art practices. This led them to engage with new materials and approaches as way to articulate their resistance.

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6/18 Grants Building (Level 2) Arthur Bunder Road Colaba