Silvia Cintra + Box4

Silvia Cintra + Box4 Gallery in Gávea represents a fusion between the established and the new: Silvia Cintra, with over 20 years of experience as a gallerist in her previous space in Ipanema, joined forces with her daughter Juliana in 2010 to refresh the format of the gallery and to merge the work of established artists with a focus on the young and contemporary.

R. das Acácias, 104 - Gávea

The gallery has an international outlook through a decidedly carioca lens, and the artists, as well as the shows they present, regularly use the city as a reference point of hybridity, creation and destruction. The list of represented artists includes Amilcar de Castro, Miguel Rio Branco and Leda Catunda.

The striking building was designed by architects Tiago Freire and Marcelo Jardim, specifically designed as a hybrid, emergent space open for experimentation. With three floors contained in a minimal structure, the whole affair represents a new contemporaneity in Rio de Janeiro’s art scene.

The first floor exhibition space is fittingly simple for artists and curators to experiment with new formats and themes. Curated by the gallery team or international visiting curators, Silvia Cintra + Box4 exhibitions can be relied upon to present cutting edge work in a razor-sharp environment, where the very foundations of the building are a monument to contemporary thought.

Contacts & Details
mon, tue, wed, thu, fri 10:00 am – 7:00 pm; sat 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm


T: +55 21 2521 0426
W: Silvia Cintra + Box4

R. das Acácias, 104 - Gávea

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