Matthew Liu Fine Arts

Matthew Liu Fine Arts intends to be the first gallery in China that focuses on promoting modern and contemporary Western art to the Chinese collectors

Suite 201-203, 115 Yuan Ming Yuan Road

Matthew Liu Fine Arts is aspired to be the first gallery in China that focuses on promoting modern and contemporary Western art to the Chinese collectors. Modern and contemporary art has long been prominently cherished in the world of art collecting in the West. Due to numerous reasons it has not received the attention it deserved in China. Matthew Liu Fine Arts intends to gradually change that, and to make Chinese collectors truly world players. Matthew Liu Fine Arts was first founded in February 2012 at the west-wing of Oriental Plaza(东方广场), Beijing. The Beijing space was designed to imitate a collector’s home in Paris. Opening exclusively to collectors and scholars, the Beijing space was by appointment only. From the beginning of 2012 to the end of 2013, the gallery had held 3 private solo shows for Zou Wouki, Michael Wolf and Ansel Adams. In observance to the opening of Shanghai Free Trade Zone in 2013, and the significant improvement of Shanghai’s art environment, the gallery was relocated to a larger exhibition space in Shanghai and open to general public.

In September 2014, Matthew Liu Fine Arts opened in Shanghai with Candida Höfer’s: Light, Space and Order as its first show, generating immersive media coverage. Located on Rockbund, Shanghai’s newest art destination where houses Rockbund Art Museum and Christie’s, the gallery holds six exhibitions each year and is an active participant to local and overseas art-fairs. Periodically, we host lectures, panel discussions and private events in an effort to foster the understanding of Western art. Up till now, Matthew Liu Fine Arts has successfully held solo exhibitions for prominent contemporary artists, including Eduardo Arranz-Bravo, Bernard Faucon, Candida Höfer, Santi Moix, Vik Muniz, Yin Zhaoyang (尹朝阳) and Zheng Zaidong (郑在东), etc. At the same time, the gallery also strive to bring in exhibitions for prospective young artists, such as Thomas Canto, Javier Martin, Alberto Peral, Fernando Prats and Yang Yongliang (杨泳梁).

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Suite 201-203, 115 Yuan Ming Yuan Road

Past Exhibitions
Lu Xinjian: Jiang Nan
Matthew Liu Fine Arts presents “Jiangnan”, the renowned contemporary Chinese artist Lu Xinjian’s...
09 Jul 2016 - 04 Sep 2016
Yang Yongliang: Time Immemorial
Matthew Liu Fine Arts showcases a new solo exhibition made by Yang Yongliang, and entitled “Time...
04 Mar 2017 - 28 May 2017