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The establishment of the institute (26th November 1976) was an important station in the rehabilitation of modern Hungarian arts, regarding especially the most disputed subject of the avant-garde style.

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The Kassák Museum, that belongs to the Petőfi Literary Museum, has operated since 1976. The function of the museum is to preserve the material and intellectual legacy of Lajos Kassák (1887 Érsekújvár – 1967 Budapest, writer, editor, artist) to study it with scientific approach and to present it as a colorful experience to visitors. The museum aims to be an acknowledged location of Kassák researches carried out in the region and to become a factor in the international research of modernism.

The first director of the museum was Ferenc Csaplár. He played a major role in having the fine artist Kassák accepted, in exploring the history of Hungarian avant-garde and in presenting it through exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. The Kassák Museum is the only museum in Hungary that has become the thematic showroom of historical avant-garde over the decades.

Between 2007 and 2010 art historian Gábor Andrási directed the Kassák Museum. During this time the Petőfi Literary Museum had the inner spaces of the museum completely renovated and modernized in co-operation with the German Stiftung Ahlers pro Arte and the Deutsch-Ungarische Gesellschaft.

The current director, art historian Edit Sasvári has been responsible for the programs of the museum since October 2010. Over the past few years, the Kassák Museum has completely revamped its internal space and overall concept. In 2012, the new identity won two of the world’s most prestigious design awards (Communication Design and Good Design). Kassák Museum welcomes visitors to explore Lajos Kassák’s life through the permanent exhibition of his highly influential periodicals, while our temporary exhibitions present the avant-garde and modernism in their art history, cultural, and social contexts.

The museum’s exhibitions are accompanied by thematic lecture series as well as events for families and children. Primary- and middle-school groups can sign up for various educational activities on the art history, literary, social and cultural history dimensions of the avant-garde.

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