Trafó Gallery @ Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts was opened in 1998, in the building of a former electrical transformer station in the 9th district.

Liliom utca 41

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts is an open-minded venue unique in Hungary, and is also a cornerstone of the international contemporary arts scene, showcasing various genres – theatre, dance, new circus, music and other visual arts – in a unique and authentic manner.

The institute’s professional programme of events, presented in a post-industrial performance space, is based on a unified, yet diverse approach. Experimental and audience-friendly at the same time, and inspired by new innovations as well as cultural heritage, it provides a space for the presentation of work by both domestic Hungarian and international artists.

Trafó is a forum dedicated to social issues, and a platform for establishing values and contexts as well as generating new ideas and productions.  Its performances, concerts, exhibitions, and community and audience-building programmes, while focusing on younger generations, are accessible to members of any generation who are looking for something new.

The Gallery has a very consistent and unique programme, representing the most relevant art trends, focusing on Hungary, the CEE region as well as the international art world.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm


T: +36 1456 2044
W: Trafó Gallery @ Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

Liliom utca 41

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