Barbier-Mueller Museum

Founded in 1977, the museum is located in the heart of Geneva’s Old Town, a few steps away from the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre.

Rue Jean-Calvin 10, Geneva, Switzerland

“Musée Barbier-Mueller” occupies the ground floor and basement of a historic sixteenth-century building. Its intimate atmosphere invites contemplation and dialogue with the works exhibited.

The aim of the museum is to preserve, study, publish and exhibit a collection begun by Josef Mueller in 1907 and continued by his heirs up to our own time. This collection, the largest in the world in private hands, now has several thousand pieces from tribal and classical antiquity, as well as sculptures, fabrics and ornaments from various cultures of Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Americas.

The Musée Barbier-Mueller holds two thematic exhibitions every year, assembling a selection of objects from its collection. Each of the four rooms in the basement accommodates, over a longer period of time, pieces that share a geographical or cultural provenance.

Contacts & Details


Mon – Sun 11am – 5pm

T: + 41 22 312 02 70
W: Barbier-Mueller Museum

Rue Jean-Calvin 10, Geneva, Switzerland

Past Exhibitions
The Barbus Müller: Their Enigmatic Sculptor Finally Unmasked
In 1939, strange sculptures appeared on the Paris antiquities market and Josef Müller could not fail to be drawn to these basalt creations
04 Mar 2020 - 01 Nov 2020
Barbier-Mueller Museum
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