The Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art

9, Jeungsimsa-gil

The Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art is Located on Euijae-ro, on the edge of Mucleung Mountain.

Founded on October 2nd, 2007 by the museum’s Director Jung Songgyu, who is also an artist, the museum presents many exhibitions including curated shows, special exhibitions, invitation exhibitions and educational programs; such as arts and culture education and children’s museum programs.
Through exhibitions the museum attempts to enhance the capability of the local artists.
Through the Creation Studio for town program, the museum runs various art education programs for the local community, and is devoted to enhancing art, cultural life and communication for the local people. In order to develop progressive and diverse programs, the museum works on a collaborative research project between public institutes and private art museums, and through these efforts, contributes to the vitalization off local art and culture.

Contacts & Details
T: 062 2236677
W: The Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art

9, Jeungsimsa-gil

Past Exhibitions
2018 Environment Art Festival: Flower movement
The Environment Art Festival is an annual event of Mudeung Museum  of Contemporary Art with 9 Korean...
14 Sep 2018 - 31 Oct 2018
The Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art
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