Uijae Museum of Korean Art

The Museum was built in honor of the great artist of Chinese painting, ‘Uijae’ Hur Baek-ryeon.

155, Jeungsimsa-gil, Dong-gu

The Uijae Art Museum was open in 2001 to commemorate, develop and hand doun the works of Uijae Huh Baik-Ryun(1881 ~ 1977) who had kept the tradition of the paintiong in the literary artist’s style of Korea painting from Misan Huh Hyung who succeeded to the painting style of Sochi Heo Ryun as a boy in Jin Island, and studied the Chinese literature under the instruction of entered the Maiji University in Japan to be a student of Gomuro Suiun sho was the landscape painter of the Southern School in Japan. After returning to Korea from Japan, Uijae had been fully engaged in painting at the Chunsul House at the foot of the mountain Moodeung in Gwangju to enhance the painting style of the Chinese Painting of the Southern School until his death.
He affirmed the three love diea (Love the heaven, land and men). He established an agricultural school to cultivate the manpower with the advanced knowledge as a scholar and reformer. He cultivated the green tea field at the foot of the Mt. Moodeung and exerted himself to distribute the green tea called Chunseol Tea. The times annually in the exhibition room 1 and 2. And Uijea’s works and remains have been regularly displayed in the exhibion roon 3 in turn.
Uijae Art Museum contains his representative works from his early age to his declining years as well as the works of Jung Man-Jo, Kim Chul-Soo, Choi Bum-Il, Kim Kwang-Up, Kim Young-Hee, Heo Jung-Du, Heo Hang-Myon, Heo Eui-Deuk, Lee Bum-Jea and Moon Jang-Ho.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 9:30 am – 5:00 pm


T: +82 62 222 3040
W: Uijae Museum of Korean Art

155, Jeungsimsa-gil, Dong-gu
Past Exhibitions
Oriental Spirit and Art Blooms
The Uijae Art Museum is inviting young artists from Korea and China to inherit and develop the world...
07 Sep 2018 - 31 Oct 2018
Uijae Museum of Korean Art
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