Museo Experimental El Eco

Founded in 1952 to promote artistic practices under the inspiration of emotional architecture by Matias Goeritz, El Eco is currently a museum devoted to interdisciplinary practices in contemporary art.

An outstanding example of twentieth-century Mexican Architecture, the Museo Experimental El Eco was by the German artist Mathias Goeritz and supported by the Mexican entrepreneur Daniel Mont, in the 50s.

Museo Experimental, directed by Paola Santascoy and Fernandez De Lara, presents temporary contemporary art projects by Mexican and international artists offering various contexts for new artistic practices, emphasizing experiment, emotion, and interdisciplinary thinking; its space continually takes inspiration from its unique architecture and the diverse conceptual interests of its founder, Mathias Goeritz.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 11:00 am – 6:00 pm


T: +52 55 5535 5186
W: Website

Sullivan 43, San Rafael, Cuauhtémoc

Past Exhibitions
Mathias Goeritz: Variations for Ursa
Variations for Ursa is an installation of two sculptures by Mathias Goeritz in dialogue with visual documents...
17 Jan 2016 - 27 Mar 2016
Jerónimo Hagerman: And if I could fly, how high would I reach?
Mexican recognized artist Jerónimo Hagerman presents a specific site installation in dialogue with the...
16 Jan 2016 - 17 Mar 2016
El tiempo dirá / Time will tell
The exhibition “Time Will Tell” pays interest to how an artist life and practice and the...
08 Dec 2016 - 26 Feb 2017
El Día Es Azul, El Silencio Es Verde, La Vida Es Amarilla…
“El Día Es Azul, El Silencio Es Verde, La Vida Es Amarilla…” is a collective exhibition...
02 Dec 2017 - 18 Feb 2018