Capela do Morumbi

Originally part of a 19th-century tea farm, it is a branch of Museu da Cidade de São Paulo

Avenida Morumbi 5387

Originally part of a 19th-century tea farm, this former slave chapel was restored from its ruins in the 1940s. The Capela do Morumbi is frequently used as venue for exhibitions and art events.

A fresco depicting Christ being baptised, flanked by angels of native Indian appearance, was also added during the refurbishment.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

sun, mon

T: +55 11 3105 6118
W: Capela do Morumbi

Avenida Morumbi 5387
Past Exhibitions
Carmela Gross: Sem Titulo, 1992
Capela do Morumbi hosts the installation “Sem Titulo [Untitled]” by the artist Carmela Gross: 70...
04 Sep 2015 - 05 Mar 2017
Capela do Morumbi
São Paulo
Leonilson: Truth, Fiction
150 works by José Leonilson focusing on the “mature” output of the Brazilian artist dating from...
09 Aug 2014 - 09 Aug 2014
Capela do Morumbi
São Paulo
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