Museo d’Inverno

Seasonal contemporary art events / Siena

Via Pian d'Ovile 29, Siena, Italy

Museo d’Inverno is a contemporary experimental museum opens in Siena in 2016 through the idea of two artists. Museo d’Inverno for each exhibition invite one artist to choose and curate a selection of artworks from his own private collection to highlight relationships, marking key moments and elements in his career, lives, and philosophy. Museo d’Inverno is located above the basin of the 14th-century fountain known as Fonte Nuova, also has a site-specific and permanent collection and exists through the support of the Lupa Contrada, one of Siena’s 17 neighborhood associations.


Contacts & Details

By appointment from November to June

T: +39 333 3082236/ +39 3487438845
W: Museo d’Inverno

Via Pian d'Ovile 29, Siena, Italy

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