A– Dash

A – Dash is an initiative run by artists including studios and project spaces and a special focus on experimentation and collaboration.

Asklipiou 74

This artist-run project space and studios in Athens, Greece was founded in 2016 by an international group of artists and friends, thanks to a generously support by crowdfunding.

It aims to encourage innovative and investigative approaches, crossing borders between different creative disciplines, cultural identities, geographical locations, political economies, crafts and new technologies. By placing emphasis on the open dialogues between the studios and project spaces, A – DASH looks to foster a flexible environment encouraging experimentation, collaboration and inter-disciplinary exchange between members and collaborators.

Contacts & Details
T: +30 2114070585
W: A– Dash

Asklipiou 74

Past Exhibitions
If it sounds like bacon you’r doing it right
The project space is inviting one artist/ collective of artists per month to respond to a particular...
01 Mar 2017 - 26 Nov 2017
A– Dash
I hope my legs don’t break
“I Hope My Legs Don’t Break” takes place four times throughout 2017 (March, May, September,...
31 Mar 2017 - 30 Nov 2017
A– Dash
Noemi Niederhauser: We Think in squares/ We love in triangles
“We think in squares, we love in triangles” aims to open up a space for dialogue and discussion...
01 Apr 2017 - 30 Apr 2017
A– Dash