locus athens

locus athens was founded in 2004 and is run by Maria-Thalia Carras and Olga Hatzidaki

locus athens is an independent non profit arts organization with no physical space.

locus athens’ program is diverse in location, as it revolves around an intense interest in the public sphere; from neglected spaces and public buildings, to small private institutions and thrilling localities – in dialogue always with the transformational potential of contemporary art.

Some of the places that have been activated by locus athens recently are the Former Correspondents Center, the Elefsina Olive Factory, the Tzisdaraki Mosque, the Monastiraki Square, the Doxiadis Schools and numerous anonymous sites around the city.

locus athens is consistently seeking to commission new productions based on investigations into the historical, political and cultural complexities of Athens, Greece and the broader region.

Its program varies in form and includes exhibitions, talks, screenings, workshops, publications, movies, children’s books, residencies and community projects.

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