Jeune Création

Jeune Création is the successor of Jeune Peinture, created in 1949 by Paul Rebeyrolle. Since 1950, this fair offers possibilities that answer to the lack of exhibition spaces open to young artists, and is an alternative to the mainstream art market and to public institutions.

74 avenue Denfert Rochereau

The non-profit organization Jeune Peinture is officially created March 9th 1953. This name is kept until 1999.

In the sixties, the Jeune Peinture exhibition becomes a space for contestation and reflects political debates of the times. A more militant and politically involved type of painting is shown in “the Red room for Vietnam “ or in the 1969 edition’s theme « police and arts ». The Jeune Peinture exhibition opens itself to new movements like Nouvelle Figuration and becomes a federative space for the painters of this movement such as Gilles Aillaud, Eduardo Arroyo, Pierre Buraglio, Henri Cueco, Jacques Monory, ou encore Bernard Rancillac.

The general atmosphere is tense at the end of the 1969 exhibition. Because of strong political divisions, there are no elections and many important figures of Jeune Peinture leave the organization. Moreover, the exhibition’s perennity is jeopardized by material difficulties: particularly by the closing for renovation of the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris which leaves the exhibition without a space to take place.
Jeune Création undergoes an identity crisis, a questioning of its mission as well as many internal problems until 1980 with the arrival of the painter Concha Benedito as president (she will stay until 1983 and restructure the organization.)

In 1981, the organization participates to the constitution and holding of the Etats-Generaux of fine arts. In the eighties, the committees held until the presidency of Katerine Louineau reinstore a rigorous selection process and jury system in order for Jeune Peinture to recover its stand, the quality and the level that made the event recognized and essential. Moreover, the system is still democratic, for the members of the organization and the selection committee’s election as well as for the selection process of those exhibiting, or for the decision-making concerning the exhibition. Confronted to the evolution of fine arts the question of opening the event to other medium is asked. More and more foreign artists of groups of artists are shown. (Japan, Québec, Italy, Germany, United States, Austria, Columbia, Korea, Denmark, Poland).

Jeune Peinture becomes Jeune Création in 1999. The organization had already abandoned the problematic designation of «fair». There is an ambivalence in the event’s identity which is, by essence, a fair but which is also almost an exhibition in its choices.

Today, Jeune Création is one of the oldest and most important self-managed groups of artists. True to its’ mission, Jeune Création continues to internationally create an emulation between, artists, the public, collectors, galleries and public or private institutional exhibition spaces.

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wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

mon, tue

T: +33 7 68 29 29 34
W: Jeune Création

74 avenue Denfert Rochereau

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