Borgo Museo

An open-air museum immersed in the Tuscan nature

Via Castagno, 28a - 51100 Castagno (PT), Italy

The peaceful Castagno di Piteccio is a small village in the nearby of the city of Pistoia, founded in 1600 and immersed in pristine forests and nature. In 1975, the small town also became an open-air museum, thanks to the initiative of Tommaso Paloscia, journalist and art critic, who used to host at his Castagno’s house his artist friends. In exchange of the hospitality, they began to decorate the streets of the village with their works, using walls as canvases: nowadays, Castagno di Piteccio features 12 frescos and 30 sculptures, which have become an integral part of the “borgo”.

From 2019 on, a new project initiated to widen the Borgo Museo: a call for artistic residencies, involving also both the natural and urban surroundings of the original borgo.

Contacts & Details
T: (+39) 0573 41438; (+39) 334 2580342
W: Borgo Museo

Via Castagno, 28a - 51100 Castagno (PT), Italy

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