Artwall Gallery

Project Artwall aims to support social impact of contemporary art in non-gallery environment. This goal is based on the nature of the gallery’s dominant location, which ensures effective communication with the public. Due to the number of drivers and passengers who daily pass through the embankment, Artwall is one of the most visited Czech galleries.

Nábřeží kpt. Jaroše

The Artwall gallery located on Letna wall on the Cpt. Jaros and Edvard Benes Embankment represents a unique symbiosis of urban organism and public gallery. The gallery has already operated in years 2005-2008 when, under the organizational management of the Center for Contemporary Arts Prague, displayed 15 exhibitions of both Czech and foreign artists. In 2008, however, the gallery was forcibly closed down by Municipality, who withdrew from the leasing contract. In November 2011, after three-years of silence, Artwall was opened to the public again, this time under the administration of C2C Circle of curators and critics.

Contacts & Details
T: +420 731 512 512
W: Artwall Gallery

Nábřeží kpt. Jaroše

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