Teatro Oficina

Founded in 1958 at the São Francisco Law School, the company faced several phases during its sixty years of history.

Rua Jaceguai, 520, Bela Vista

The Teatro Oficina Uzyna Uzona  has reflected sixty years of Brazilian history: during the 60s it staged works that revolutionized modern Brazilian dramaturgy, to be exiled during the lead years of the military dictatorship, working in Portugal, Mozambique, France and England and producing cinematographic works.

Teatro Oficina, in its many decades of existence, has established itself as a place for the production of art as well as of knowledge. This theatre company mixes music, visual arts, video, film, architecture, urban planning and dance in its theatrical rites, which originate from co-creative processes among artists.

The company is represented by the symbol of an anvil, that was also placed on the facade of their seat, designed by the architect Lina Bo Bardi.



Contacts & Details
T: +55 11 3106 2818
W: Teatro Oficina

Rua Jaceguai, 520, Bela Vista

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