viadellafucina16 Condominio-Museo

The non-profit organisation originates as a totally original experiment, aimed by the will to prove art and culture as valid tools of transformation within a community.


Via S. Giovanni Battista la Salle, 16,

Viadellafucina16 is the first international experiment of a building that functions both as condominium and museum. Located in the Turin district of Porta Palazzo, where the biggest open-air European market is held, the building is the location of a residency programme run by the association. Artists are selected through international open calls, with the aim to animate the building’s common spaces with their intervention, so to riqualificate the ancient 19th century structure, now in decline. The projects brings together different audiences, from the residents of the building itself to the participating artists and a board of curators and professionals of the field, with the aim to awake a new dialogue within the community through artistic production.
The programme is complemented by a series of exhibitions, events and talks, set in the location of Spazio Idiòt and with the activation of a collective creative workshop called Fucina16.

Contacts & Details
W: viadellafucina16 Condominio-Museo

Via S. Giovanni Battista la Salle, 16,

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