Inaugurated in 2009 in Vienna by owners of Galerie Ernst Hilger and Hilger NEXT, the HilgerBROTKunsthalle was opened in order to extend and strengthen the cooperation with international exhibition venues and museums.

Absberggasse 27, Stair 2.3

In order to extend and strengthen the cooperation with international exhibition venues and museums, Galerie Ernst Hilger inaugurated the HilgerBROTKunsthalle in 2009. This space with its 800m² represents the gallery’s laboratory for curatorial projects and influences and supports all involved partners. Three guest apartments for visiting and working artists and curators have been instrumental in bringing our exhibition projects to other institutional locations, while also attracting international collectors who have visited and acquired works – among others Harald Falckenberg, Jorge Perez, the Photography Collection of the Qatar Museum Authority, Darga Jais (Bali), Sutomo Suprajito (Indonesia), the Collection Nadour. Cooperations have included the Museum of Modern Art El Salvador, the Margulies Collection, the Mestna Galleria Ljubjana, the Museum of Modern Art Bukarest (Lara Boubnova), the City Gallery Sofia, the MMoMA Moscow. All these institutions have shown exhibitions created with and presented at HilgerBROTKunsthalle.

HilgerBROTKunsthalle is linked to Hilger NEXT and Galerie Ernst Hilger

Contacts & Details
wed, thu, fri, sat 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

mon, tue, sun

T: +43 1 512 53 15 200
W: HilgerBROTKunsthalle

Absberggasse 27, Stair 2.3

Past Exhibitions
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10 Sep 2012 - 03 Nov 2012
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