aleja Jana Kochanowskiego 21

WYKWIT is a place of artistic activity. It came to be out of the potential of the cellar space in the post-German mansion we inhabit. The basement was renovated and adopted for exhibiting purposes by ourselves.

The space is quite demanding for the artists, who need to consider its character, as opposed to a typical white-cube arrangement. The building on the Aleja Kochanowskiego street dates back to roughly 1900 and was erected in the Wilhelmsruh district. Back then Wroclaw was the German Breslau. Currently the house is in a quite dilapidated condition. The original furnishing outside is damaged in many places. Inside there are many brutal rearrangements made by countless tenants. The mansion is surrounded by a large garden. WYKWIT is the opposite of a white cube-type gallery. Projects presented there should take into account the potential of the place, its peculiarity and contexts.

Contacts & Details
T: 505069600

aleja Jana Kochanowskiego 21

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