Private Collections

The Feuerle Collection

The private art museum located in Kreuzberg opened in 2016, accessible to the public by appointment only

Hallesches Ufer 70

The private art museum is dedicated to Desiré Feuerle‘s collection, which merges international contemporary artists with Imperial Chinese furnitures and Southeast Asian sculptures, encouraging an unprecedented dialogue between pieces of different ages and cultures.

Desiré Feuerle owned an art gallery in the 90s in Cologne, Germany, where he begun to juxtapose ancient art pieces with contemporary and modern ones. The collection is now hosted inside a former Second World War communication bunker, recently renovated by the architect John Pawson, and offers an alternative perspective on the works through its original selection.


Contacts & Details
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T: +49 30 2579 2320
W: The Feuerle Collection

Hallesches Ufer 70

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