Incompiuto: La Nascita di uno Stile, 14 Jun 2018 — 20 Sep 2018
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Incompiuto: La Nascita di uno Stile

“Incompiuto: La nascita di uno Stile” is an exhibition of Alterazioni Video curated by Davide Giannella that develops in various locations, including the International Photography Center of Letizia Battaglia. It is also a book, edited by Alterazioni Video together with Fosbury Architecture and published by Humboldt Books. For over ten years the artistic collective Alterazioni Video tells the phenomenon of the unfinished public works in Italy from a new perspective. The work of research, mapping and study led to the definition of a new architectural style: the Incompiuto. The definition of a Style makes it possible to identify an interpretative paradigm of a phenomenon present throughout the country, a tool to understand the recent history of our country, but also a project capable of triggering new processes of transformation.

Mon – Fri:

Edicola al Quinto Canto, 11am – 6pm

Ex chiesa di S. Mattia ai Crociferi, 3pm-8pm

Centro internazionale di Fotografia, 9.30pm -6.30pm 

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