Poetry of the Flow, 16 Jun 2018 — 19 Aug 2018
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Poetry of the Flow

Sala delle Armi, Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri, Piazza Marina, 61

Organised by MDCA Foundation, for the exhibition Poetry of the Flow, the Taiwanese artist Yahon Chang proposes a site-specific installation that converts the monumental space of the Sala delle Armi in Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri into a performative and interactive environment, tackling philosophical, spiritual and existential issues that revolve around the contemporary human condition.

Drawing inspiration from the social context of the city of Palermo with its rich historical, syncretic and cultural values, Chang aims to engage the viewer through a transformed reality, where the dialogue flows with the rhythm of overabundant imagery. The artist reinterprets the traditional technique of Chinese ink drawing, by combining gestures that are concurrently figurative, performative and expressive.

The project’s structure is open and participative for the whole duration of the exhibition. The artist will produce his work at the site collaborating with a local architect, who has the role to indicate the flows of energy according to the initial plan of the building. Space for workshops will be created, where the artist will mingle with the locals, or with the communities of immigrants of various backgrounds and religions. The artist considers realising together with these communities several different actions – such as the release of sky lanterns with messages and drawings made by the participating locals, and also ink drawing workshops. These activities will follow the program of other events and in communication with Manifesta.

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Sala delle Armi, Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri, Piazza Marina, 61
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