Talpe. Well said. Old Mole, 16 Jun 2018 — 30 Jun 2018
Collateral Events

Talpe. Well said. Old Mole

Liceo Classico Statale Umberto I, Via Filippo Parlatore

Organised by Video Sound Art, Talpe. Well said, old mole and curated by Marta Cereda and Laura Lamonea. The concept of the exhibition comes from the first pages of The Planetary garden by Gilles Cléments. The author tells an episode of his childhood: while his father and his uncle are catching the moles, the young Clément thinks that these animals can be very useful for the garden because continuously they move the soil helping to keep it rich . The mole spends most of his time underground, digging holes. Despite the submerged life, frequently the word in relation to the mole is extermination. The exhibition presents selected works by mole artists, whose research focuses on uncomfortable or neglected aspects of the reality. The mole artists are able to observe hidden.

Oli Bonzanigo
Massimo Dalla Pola
Elisabetta Falanga
Francesca Ferrari
Francesco Fossati
Lynne Kouassi
Evangelia Kranioti
Rachele Maistrello
Enrique Ramírez
Thadeusz Tischbein
Bibi Yamamoto
Assab One

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Liceo Classico Statale Umberto I, Via Filippo Parlatore
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