Branding Islands Making Nations, 26 Nov 2016 — 27 Nov 2016
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Branding Islands Making Nations

Ca' Tron, Santa Croce 1957

“Branding Islands Making Nations” is a case study competition intended to open the discourse on added value in design, expanding upon the 15th International Architecture Exhibition’s call to arms by inviting an extended field of spatial practitioners to the Biennale Architettura 2016.

Consultants and communication designers, marketing and advertising experts shall speculate on the role of branding in the making of a place. Facilitated by the Vertical Geopolitics Lab think-tank, the conceptual framework is based on the understanding that the politics of representation determine the success of an intervention in the built environment. In the case of a government seeking to determine the feasibility of a territorial claim, entrants are tasked with the presentation of a branding package surrounding an artificial landmass instrumental in legitimizing a nation’s territorial claim. Select teams will represent the mix of stakeholders and issues at play, expanding possibilities rather than shifting responsibilities by exposing the glitches, loopholes, and grey areas in systems as first step toward conflict resolution.

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Ca' Tron, Santa Croce 1957
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