From Ukraine: Dare to Dream, 20 Apr 2024 — 01 Aug 2024
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From Ukraine: Dare to Dream

Palazzo Contarini Polignac, Dorsoduro 878

Departing from Ukrainian lands and its history of forced migration, the exhibition sounds subdued voices that become songs of resistance and resilience. It addresses Earth’s ecological disasters while imagining a new utopia, where mythology merges into an alternative garden of Eden.

Exhausted landscapes bear witness to human violence—from extractive economies to the harsh realities of war—while carrying seeds of a new beginning. Amidst these overwhelming circumstances, the fragility of the individual is blossoming yet at risk. Its shadow is cast by touches, movement of nuanced lines as a part of unspoken verse, scenes of normality that question reality. They all converge into a possibility of acceptance.

Can many struggles become the joint creation of a better future? After liberation, can former victims co-exist with former aggressors? Can empathy offer ways of common being in a space of conflicting memories?

Contacts & Details

OPENING TIME: Tue – Sun 10am – 6pm


Palazzo Contarini Polignac, Dorsoduro 878
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