Everyday Architecture – Re: Made in Taiwan, 26 May 2016 — 27 Nov 2016
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Everyday Architecture – Re: Made in Taiwan

Palazzo delle Prigioni, Castello 4209 (San Marco)

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan) and organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA), the Venice Biennial 15th International Architecture Exhibition – Taiwan Exhibition will officially open on May 26th, marking Taiwan’s ninth participation in this global celebration of architecture. Based on the theme Everyday Architecture Re:Made in Taiwan, the Taiwan Exhibition will respond to the overarching theme of this year’s biennial, Reporting from the Front.

National Chiao Tung University’s Transdisciplinary Design Innovation Shop (TDIS) is the selected team of this year’s Taiwan Exhibition, led by curators C. David Tseng, Eric Chuang, Wei Tseng, and Sheng-Kai Sky Tseng. Different from past exhibitions which focused on architects or architecture, this year’s Taiwan Exhibition aims to explore the various potentials that architecture may hold in the future through the perspective of the public and production, seeking to discover everyday wisdom and to echo with the theme of this year’s biennial. The proposal of this year’s Taiwan Exhibition is quite different from the previous few years in many ways, including no longer highlighting a singular architect but rather focusing on Taiwan’s innovative industries, exploring how Taiwan is assertively seeking opportunities for breakthroughs whilst facing similar obstacles as the rest of the world with climate changes and innovation challenges. Everyday Architecture Re:Made in Taiwan is transformed from the globally known “Made in Taiwan” brand, as we share with the world the advanced accomplishments that have been made.

The Taiwan Exhibition will encompass 7 columns, presenting public strengths seen in Taiwan’s everyday environment, with exciting reports from the front that bring together environmental issues, social trends, and other aspects, leading to the theme – Everyday Architecture Re:Made in Taiwan – and the progress shared with the world.

Column 1: Iconic Building vs. Everyday Architecture

Column 2: The Values of Everyday Architecture

Column 3: Collectivity vs. Individuality

Column 4: People at the Front

Column 5: Context & Tectonics

Column 6: The Prototypes of Innovative Architecture

Column 7: Ontology vs. Adaptation

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Palazzo delle Prigioni, Castello 4209 (San Marco)
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