Lita Albuquerque: Liquid Light, 23 Apr 2022 — 27 Nov 2022
Collateral Events

Lita Albuquerque: Liquid Light

The third presentation in Venice by bardoLA is a solo exhibition by LA-based artist Lita Albuquerque at Olivolo, San Pietro di Castello, an Official Collateral Event of the 59th Venice Biennale.

Title: Liquid Light
Organized by: bardoLA
Curators: Elizabeta Betinski and Neville Wakefield
Exhibitor: Lita Albuquerque

The twenty fifth century female astronaut of Lita Albuquerque’s film commutes an otherworldly knowledge across the planes of the celestial and terrestrial. Like traders arriving in the Venice of old, or tourists disembarking today, her encounter with Earth is one of wonder and apprehension – wonder at what has survived the corruption of time and apprehension towards its continued survival. An amalgam of iconography, personal history, and emotional landscapes that embody the artist’s mythology, Liquid Light is exhibited as a tryptic video installation, in concert with installation components sourced and created locally, in collaboration with Venetian artisans.

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