Modus, 10 May 2017 — 26 Nov 2017
Collateral Events


Cà Faccanon (ex Gazzettino), Cà Faccanon (ex Gazzettino), San Marco 5016

MODUS. Tecniche, poetiche, materiali nell’arte contemporanea, as Collateral Event of the 57th Venice Biennale is a group show promoted by WAVE’s, organized by MilleEventi and curated by Martina Cavallarin and Eleonora Frattarolo.

MODUS investigates the first and most neglected component of today’s art: the material of which it is composed, the scientific and technical achievements that have helped to determine the form and poetic, inextricably linked.

The exhibition develops inside a dark path simulating the biological womb
of animal, vegetal and mineral kingdom. The visitor is introduced in medias res in a display incorporating linguistic variations, formal calculations and experimentation. The exhibition is like a journey of creative experiences between time of history and present time, while expressing a geography of doing that embraces the poetic and also the urgencies of the West and the East.

Performance Super M MAA for Venice by Victoria Lu

Commissioner: Alessandro Corona

Project by Martina Cavallarin

Opening hours:
May 13 – 20: Daily 09:30am – 8pm
May 21 –Jul 1: Daily 10:30am – 7:30pm
Jul 1 – Nov 26: Daily 10:30am – 7:30pm, Closed on Wed

Contacts & Details

Cà Faccanon (ex Gazzettino), Cà Faccanon (ex Gazzettino), San Marco 5016
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