The Forests of Venice, 28 May 2016 — 18 Sep 2016
Collateral Events

The Forests of Venice

Serra dei Giardini, Castello 1254

Initiated by Kjellander Sjöberg Architects and curated by Jan Åman, the exhibition presents a sensual, thought provoking spatial installation in the Serra dei Giardini, a greenhouse from 1894. It suggests wood as a regenerative construction material, elucidating a vision of architecture and urbanity co-existing with nature in a restorative and adaptive way. Cities worldwide are threatened by rising sea levels, Venice – a city built on ten million trees – can serve as an example of how to handle this global problem. The exhibition investigates if ten million new trees could become a solution, creating new ecological and adaptive urban landscapes. Seven Swedish architects have been invited to transform an element of the Venetian palace into an architectural strategy for our time. The starting point is the fact that Venice is the result of a dynamic process between the natural environment and civilization.

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Serra dei Giardini, Castello 1254
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