Vera Molnár: Icône 2020, 23 Apr 2022 — 27 Nov 2022
Collateral Events

Vera Molnár: Icône 2020

An official collateral event of the 59th Venice Biennale.

Atelier Muranese, Calle Alvise Vivarini, 6
30140 Murano - Venice, Italy

Title: Icône 2020
Artist: Vera Molnár
Curator: Francesca Franco
Organized by: Accademia d’Ungheria, Roma
Venue: New Murano Gallery, Atelier Muranese area

Vera Molnár‘s first glass sculpture in a career that spans over 80 years, the exhibition explores the process that made this possible and encourages new thinking about computational art.

Icône” 2020 is a sculpture originated from a unique and unprecedented collaboration between Hungarian-born artist, pioneer of computer art based in Paris, and a traditional Venetian glassmaker team, who remembers are descendants of one of the historic families of Murano where the ancient technique of glass making originated in 1291. This collaboration, initiated by Franco in 2019, creates a link that connects for the first time the history of computer art with the ancient tradition of glassmaking with the aim of taking both arts to new unexplored levels. A comprehensive, fully-illustrated catalogue will be published on this occasion


Contacts & Details

Opening hours:

Daily, 9 am to 5 pm

T: +39 041 5275088

Atelier Muranese, Calle Alvise Vivarini, 6
30140 Murano - Venice, Italy
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