Draisine Derby 5, 19 Sep 2020 — 19 Sep 2020

Draisine Derby 5

Venedig-Strasse 30, Münchenstein / Basel

Founded in 2016 by Benedikt Wyss, the Draisine Derby is a sports-art happening, conceived to reevaluate Basel’s former industrial and portal area of Dreispitz and turn it into a meeting point. The 2020 edition takes place on September 19, with the participation of multiple craftsmen, art institutes, pubs and construction companies, led by the idea that a sporting event hasn’t to be commercial and unaesthetic. The programme features several awards, for the speed but also the audience and the most beautiful failure, along with different collateral happenings.

The Draisine Derby is co-directed by Thilo Mangold & Benedikt Wyss. A collaboration with Christoph Merian Stiftung, hosted by Offcut.

Contacts & Details

Draisine Derby 5
Venedig-Strasse 30
Münchenstein / Basel


Venedig-Strasse 30, Münchenstein / Basel
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