GO’C’ART Festival, 11 Jun 2016 — 19 Jun 2016

GO’C’ART Festival

St. Johanns-Rheinweg 46

Saturday, 11.06
Opening 5th Edition GO’C’ART Festival a minimal Festival of Diversion in a limited Space


5 pm | Exhibition
Antoine Zgraggen – Destructive Machines
Destructive Machines by Antoine Zgraggen. You are encumbered of art works – here you can destroy it

6 pm – 10 pm | Food
Mrs. Burger

8 pm |Live Concert
The Professor (Live) (USA/CH)
and his one man dirty rhythm and blues explosion
The Professor and his one man dirty rhythm and blues explosion (New York, USA) Take a trip down Route 666 with yo’ Professor. The Professor plays piano and sings whilst playing the drums with his feets as he figured they wasn’t doing nothing anyways. Swingin’ and Singin’ fo’ yo’ asses since 1962 from Rockaway Beach, New York.


10pm | Antoine Zgraggen “Destructive Machines“ Proceeding

10:30 pm | Live Concert
Frank Castro & K7 ( Spain/Germany) ( Live) & DJ Set Frank Castro ( Freestyle Grooves)


Sunday, 12.06
Kids Action Art for children

4 pm | Action for Children
Bring your Kids and family to the GO!CART! Festival. The Artists will do a surprise Kids Show and having lot s of Fun

7 pm | DJ Set The Mestizo Reggae Latin DJ Crew (Spain)

Monday 13.06
T.P. Pain
recycling Art
7 pm | Performance
Rhein Beach Cleaning Performance is known for his C.O.U.P. recycling Art and Performances, making the world a bit better.

9 pm | DJ Set
DJ Set by Mr. T.P. Pain

Tuesday 14.06
8 pm | Butoh
“E LA NAVE VA” Group Performance Butoh for Dancers directed by Flavia Ghisalberthi featuring Albrecht Josephy.
Hommage to a member of the group, Albrecht Josephy, who has his 90 birthday at 29.of June 2016. The Performance starts at St Johanniterbrücke and moves in direction Cargo. This Performance was created under the influence of “Stones” performed at the Butoh Off Festival 2014. The contents is variable as well as the Dancers.
Dancers : Albrecht Josephy, Marco Rotellini, Zoe Darling, Caroline Lanz Daniel Marti, Vanessa Metzger, Pit Meyer, Zoe Binetti, Petra Vogt, Flavia Ghisalberti


9 pm | DJ Set
DJ The Swingin Creeper (Electro Swing, Jazz, Bossas)

Wednesday 15.06
Nick Cave meeting Calexico in a Bar like the Cargo

8 pm | Live Concert
Don The Tiger (Spain/)
Don the Tiger was one of the most knwon Musicians in Barcelona before he moved to Berlin. He plaied with greats like Robert Foster of The GoBetweens, New Yorks Wave Icon Lydia Lunch, and a lot more. His latest Album on Canada Records was immediatley sold out. He mixes spanish latin guitar tunes with Americana, a bit of Nick Cave meeting Calexico in a Bar like the Cargo


9:30 pm | DJ set by Mr. Wavy – Indie, Americana, Neo Folk

Thursday 16.06
Crossing , jumping, overdriven ART
Brigitte Handley, Frank Castro, DJ Papst Pest, Tomtation, Antoine Zgraggen

4 pm | Performance
Frank Castro Performance: Crossing, jumping, overdriven ART
Frank Castro, from Germany but now living in Tenerife, Spain, is known for his extreme offensive Performances around the world. He reflects in this Performance about the Subject and Trade of ART.


7 pm | Antoine Zgraggen “Destructive Machines“ Proceeding

10 pm | Live Concert Brigitte Handley (The Dark Shadows, AUS) Live Accoustic Guitar Set.
Brigitte & her Band The Dark Shadows from Sydney, Australia , are a world wide known Indie All Girl Rock Band, touring from Japan till Europe and having even a Hit at BBC Radio Station and plaied shows with big Indie Bands as well as some Legends like The Stray Cats. Brigitte’s Solo acoustic Set becomes an all time hit at the GO’C’ART in Basel, her incredible charming voice and her wonderful guitar play are fascinating. Don t miss that down under special at the Cargo


10 pm | Video Art Projection
Video Art projection” SpaceCart “ of Tomtation (Tom Felix (Germany)
Tomtation (Tom Felix / Mr.Tom / Kopfsuelz/ iVideo) is known for his Art since the 80’s. Born 1971 in Cologne/Germany, raised in space, went to school & university, worked for TV-stations, worked with artists, founded an illegal club Kopfsuelz), working as a DJ (Mr. Tom) in a legal club.


Friday, 17.06
The Trump Jump, Performance & DJ set by DJ Dylan aka DJ Dylirious (UK)

8 pm | Performance
The Trump Jump by Dylan Dylrious (UK)
Performance & DJ set by DJ Dylan aka DJ Dylirious (UK)
The Media hype about Donald Trump is quiet big. Dylan, more known for his Dj Sets of Drum n Bass (same label like famous Cookie) and DJ sets in Ibiza, is also known for his black humour and great Stunts. Last year he brought us “Dad’s Army”, this year The TRUMP JUMP will be a crazy mixture of all, if you like Monty Python and Jack Ass you re welcome!


9 pm | Antoine Zgraggen “Destructive Machines“ Proceeding

9 pm | DJ Dylan (UK)

Saturday, 18.06
Pump Club Live from Berlin (Germany)
Big Closing Party

20 pm | Live Concert
Pump Club 90s live Band and Show, Lala Dee Jane & MC Dr.T are the new Party Sensation from Berlin, in Swiss for the first time. Nobody seems to know, but they invented the 90s every single hit of the very period between 1989 and 1995 is them. And now – forget Dr. Alban, Haddaway, Ace of Base and Snap – they`ll play all them songs much, more live than you ever heard before & GO’C’ART Allstar DJ record Hop till late Big Closing Party 90s, 80s, Disco, Dancing


9 pm | Antoine Zgraggen “Destructive Machines“ Proceeding

9:30 pm | GO’C’ART all Star DJ Crew

Sunday, 19.06
Grill BBQ Party & DJs

4 pm | BBQ chill (H)aute Party (only when weather is fine)
& Mestizo Reggae Djs T.P. Pain & Castro

Cargobar presents Antoine Zgraggen “Destructive Machines”

11.06.2016 5pm

Destructive Machines Proceeding
11.06, 5pm / 10pm
16.06, 7pm
17.06, 9pm
18.06, 9pm


Contacts & Details
T: +41 61 321 00 72

St. Johanns-Rheinweg 46
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