Screening #3 New York, 25 Oct 2015 — 25 Oct 2015

Screening #3 New York

Death TK
Death TK features films and videos from American and Swiss artists that deal with dark themes in unexpected ways. Some works couch their content with a  humorous or campy sensibility; others displace gravity with the specter of happiness or normalcy. Collected observations, emotive, cool, or frank, provide or subvert context to temper a heavy message with a digestif. The darkness is there, and it waits – yes, we know – but we are the masters of its execution.

This screening will take place at both 106 Green in Brooklyn, NY and Schwarzwaldallee, Basel, Switzerland on October 25th. It is curated by Erica Magrey and Karin Borer of Schwarzwaldallee and is the 3rd in a series of collaborative screenings with SWA and artists in other cities.

Contacts & Details
T: +41 79 669 96 40
M: mail[at]
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