TCF, Amnesia Scanner, Kablam, Yoneda Lemma, R.A.T., 21 Jun 2015 — 21 Jun 2015

TCF, Amnesia Scanner, Kablam, Yoneda Lemma, R.A.T.

HEK (House of Electronic Arts), Freilager-Platz 9, Münchenstein, Basel

At the invitation of the House of Electronic Arts, the Norwegian artist and musician Lars “TCF” Holdhus has assembled a line-up of like-minded DJs and live acts for this extended club night. Holdhus’s interests cover a wide variety of issues, areas and methods connected to composition (and its critique). Some examples are the use of artificial intelligence and related questions of agency in musical production, digital Foley techniques and physics-based sound synthesis, and how cryptography and code might be used in artistic practice. In addition, Holdhus is an avowed tea fanatic and trades in select varieties.

Experienced live, TCF‘s music is challenging and complex. His hypermodern compositions, which, in scraps, are reminiscent of hardcore, trance and other dance and pop-music forms, appear to constantly evolve in discontinuous leaps – a partially wayward evolution to which the author himself has limited access. The music of Amnesia Scanner seems to inhabit a similarly precarious world: Within cold-appearing soundscapes, well-known set pieces from dance history overlap with unusual sounds. Club music is driven to the limits of danceability; something alien breaks permanently into the daily urban experience. Kablam also extends the dance floor in all possible directions with mutations of the microgenre that constantly emerges anew online. For her part, Yoneda Lemma, a French DJ and producer, connects droning sounds with techno-feminist, media-critical theories in order to open up new avenues for thinking and aesthetics. Jan Vorisek from the House of Mixed Emotions (H.O.M.E), who performs under the pseudonym R.A.T. (Radical Anxiety Termination), concludes the line-up.

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T: +41 61 283 6050

HEK (House of Electronic Arts), Freilager-Platz 9, Münchenstein, Basel

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