ART-IT: Art Meet Up, 24 Nov 2015 — 02 Feb 2016

ART-IT: Art Meet Up

For Art-It’s first five meet-ups, HOCA will invite graduate students and recent graduates in creative fields to present a project created in reaction to one of the artworks or artists on display at Bibo, a restaurant with an extensive contemporary art collection. Curators, gallerists, collectors, art students and simply art lovers are welcome to share their passion for art and learn more from the young creators about their projects.

For our inaugural event at Bibo on November 24th, 2015,HOCA welcomes Dylan DeRose, a recent graduate of SCAD Hong Kong’s visual arts department. In reaction to Bibo’s collection DeRose handles large strips of crown molding typically used for ornamental purposes on architecture, adapting them into the form of slime mold. This references DeRose’s interest in the material, stemming from videos where slime mold navigates mazes and recreates public transportation systems. Through this intervention of space by way of adapted materials, DeRose questions the life cycle and influence of a constructed environment. When one ornamental element, essential to the identity of an environment, is co-opted, what replicated cultural references does that new environment take on, and how does that disseminate into the culture of its environment at large?

For our second event at Bibo on February 2nd, 2016, HOCA welcomes Mak Ying Tung (b.1989, Hong Kong), a recent graduate of the School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Critical Intermedia Art. Her work examines the fundamental properties of familiar objects and materials. Working in sculpture and performance, she reforms objects and situations as sources of humour and curiosity. In her recent solo show balloons were altered to perform strange tasks; to shatter, a contradiction to the very idea of a balloon, as in No I insist (2014), or to resist an impossible force, as in No One Wins (2014). Such alterings reflect an acute sense of observation and sensitivity; a deceptive simplicity and precise presentation that disclose Mak’s peculiar sense of humour and a consciousness of the absurd. Her deadpan presentation does not only aim to make the viewers laugh but prompt them to review their perception to the world and to look at what lies underneath the surface of their surroundings.

ART-IT | Art Meet Up Programme:
Bibo, G/F, 163 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan
One complementary drink
RSVP is mandatory.
The venue has a limited capacity of 40 participants.

24/11/2015 – Dylan DeRose

02/02/2016 – Mak Ying Tung

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