Asia Week Hong Kong & K Auction, 24 Mar 2016 — 24 Mar 2016

Asia Week Hong Kong & K Auction

Renaissance Harbourview Hotel Mezzanine floor

Asia Week Hong Kong and K Auction present a talk on Korean Monochrome Art – Tansaekhwa.
Mr. Kibum Kim, key speaker will give an insightful talk on the 1970s movement of Korean painters who experimented with method and materials to create monochromatic, abstract works. Tansaekhwa is having a moment in the art world.
Within the past two years, virtually all of Seoul’s blue-chip galleries have organized Tansaekhwa shows, as did Sotheby’s Hong Kong in its S|2 space, a special exhibition received wide acclaim at the Venice Biennale last year, and the global mega galleries Blum & Poe, White Cube, and Galerie Perrotin added Tansaekhwa artists to their rosters. What has spurred the sudden frenzy in the international art world for this movement after decades of neglect?
This talk will be followed up with a panel discussion and will probe the key factors underlying the Tansaekhwa boom and place the phenomenon in the larger art market trend of reappraising under recognized modern and contemporary masters from outside the mainstream Euromerican art world.

The panel discussion members are Jeannette ten Kate from Sinopia, Fons Hof of Art Rotterdam and gallerist Ron Mandos of Galerie Ron Mandos of The Netherlands. These speakers will give their global view on the Korean art in the current Art market place. The panel discussion is moderated by Mr. Jay Lu, Executive Director, Chief Representative in Asia for Artnet.

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Renaissance Harbourview Hotel Mezzanine floor
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