Le French May Arts Festival 2016, 01 May 2016 — 30 Jun 2016

Le French May Arts Festival 2016

Since its modest inception in 1993, Le French May has matured into one of the largest French arts festivals in Asia and has staged over 500 world-class events that bring the spirit of France to Hong Kong.
Francophiles can savour a rich cornucopia of French culture, encompassing visual arts, classical and contemporary music, dance, multi-arts performance, cinema and fashion.

For its 24th edition, Le French May presents a series of “unknown worlds”.

Every artist’s creation is the re-creation of a world on its own: the imagination of new rules, new characters, new stories. The fantasy of changing the reality into another reality, made of feelings only: being sounds, colours, emotions…

From Monet’s aquatic Lillis to Nicolas Buffe’s fantasies, from the fairy tale of Cinderella to the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliette, let’s explore the world with different eyes. The eyes of the artists, that enhance our reality to reveal it through their creations.

For the full programme, please visit the website.

Contacts & Details
T: + 852 3678 0150
M: info@frenchmay.com
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