Art Basel Night at 4141 Building, 04 Dec 2014 — 04 Dec 2014

Art Basel Night at 4141 Building

NE 2nd Avenue 4141, Design District

Founded in 2006 by the Marquette family, with John Marquette at the helm, 4141 Design, with 25,000 square feet is the largest collection of luxury branded furniture and accessory showrooms in the United States.

During Art Basel Miami Bech week, 4141 Building opens its doors and offer an exciting array of live art demonstration, exhibition, design shows and more.

Events and Locations:

Andy Warhol: Seen & Unseen | Adamar Fine Arts | Suite 107

Action Painting By Vianey | CasaInterior | Suite 105A + 106A

Featuring Ruco Line | Galleria Ca’ D’Oro | Suite 105 F

Haiti Contemporary, Les Jacmelien IV | Hausscape | Suite 104

Oggetti | Suite 114

Jewelry by Christine Smith and Micky Rawitz | Susan R. Lifestyle Boutique | Suite 106 C

Contacts & Details
thu, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun 12/4/14 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

T: +1 305 722 7100

NE 2nd Avenue 4141, Design District
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