Carsten Höller: The Prada Double Club Miami, 05 Dec 2017 — 07 Dec 2017

Carsten Höller: The Prada Double Club Miami

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The Prada Double Club Miami by Carsten Höller is an installation conceived as a night club open for 3 nights to a selected list of guests during Art Basel in Miami Beach.

The project, formerly presented in London in 2008, is here presented again in a different version; the club is divided into three spaces: bar, restaurant and dance club. Artist Carsten Höller divided each area into equally sized Western and Congolese parts on a decorative and functional level, generating an inspiring perspective on double identity as well as on cultural coexistence. The aim of the installation is to offer two different experiences at the same time, and a third unexpected experience generated by the opposition of the two. Live performances by international artists and DJs are hosted within the club, while the garden offers a selection of Caribbean and South American musicians based in Miami. Each performer embodies the idea of contrast on which the project is developed: guests and clubbers can cross the permeable boundary between these two dimensions and embark on an autonomous and “schizophrenic” path.

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