Site-Specific Performance Series Season finale, 21 Nov 2015 — 21 Nov 2015

Site-Specific Performance Series Season finale

3841 Ne 2nd Avenue Suite #400

Instituted by Craig Robins in 2014, Site-Specific brings performance out of the traditional theater and into the Design District neighborhood.  Every Site-Specific event presents work by three unique artists in a twenty-minute format.  As the name of the itinerant series suggests, artists carefully consider the location of the performance as they conceive or adapt a work. The perambulatory nature of the events (audience members travel from one performance site to the next) amplifies viewers’ engagement with the site’s environment. Site-Specific Performance Series is curated by Tiffany Chestler, Manager and Curator for the Craig Robins Collection.

The November event is the finale of the 2015 Site-Specific Performance season. The event will take place Saturday, November 21st at 6pm in the Design District and will feature contemporary dance, performance art, theater and an adaption to a site-specific installation by visual artist Paul Crown (performance line-up below).

Mad Cat Theatre Company:

Location/Time: Palm Court Event Space, Palm Court, 140 NE 39th Street, 6pm
Description: Step Miami Repeat, a performance by Mad Cat Theatre Company, featuring Paul Tei, is an interactive, immersive, human orchestra that celebrates the rhythms and immediate energy of the environment directly around the performance. Your presence in the moment is requested as our symphony progresses, and ultimately disperses in the temporal fashion it began. Join Mad Cat Theatre Company as they drop their anchor in fertile ground.

Das SaD: Daniel Clapp & Juan Gonzalez:

Location/Time: Netscape, Palm Court, 140 NE 39th Street, 6:30pm
Description: An original electronic music performance at by Das SaD duo Daniel Clapp and Juan Gonzalez at Konstanin Gric’s Netscape installation. The interactive Netscapeconsists of a six-point star-shaped modular steel frame, from which seats made of fiberglass and polypropylene netting are suspended to form a series of hammock-like swings that rock gently when used by visitors.

Miami Theater Center presents Fernando Calzadilla:

Location/Time: Palm Court, 140 NE 39th Street, 7:00pm
Description: Fernando Calzadilla is a theater designer, dramaturg, scholar, visual and performance artist with a multi-cultural background that weaves hands-on experience with theory to expand the scope of his art. His interdisciplinary practice comprises performance, theatre, ethnography, visual arts, and communication processes from a Performance Studies perspective. He has a PhD in Performance Studies from New York University. He collaborates on scripts and designs the sets, lighting and costumes for productions at Miami Theater Center.

Alma Dance Theater:

Location/Time: Transposition Over Many Miles, Installation by Paula Crown, 3900 NE 1st Ave, 7:30pm
Description: Alma Dance Theater is a conceptual performance company which strives to be an artistic force by creating innovating an emotive dance performance for audience in Miami and abroad. In Transposition Over Many Miles, Alma Dance Theater will physically activate the space of visual artist Paula Crown’s interactive site-specific installation on view in the Miami Design District.
· Paula Crown: More on Paula Crown’s Transposition Over Many Miles can be found here. This week Crown transformed the piece yet again by bringing 300 pounds of fall leaves to the work.Valet parking from $5.

Parking also available at City View & Palm Court Garages on NE 38th St between N Miami Ave & NE 2nd Ave


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T: +1 305-722-7100

3841 Ne 2nd Avenue Suite #400
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