Alighiero Boetti: General Catalogue – Vol. 3/1, 02 Oct 2015 — 02 Oct 2015

Alighiero Boetti: General Catalogue – Vol. 3/1

Museo del Novecento, Piazza Duomo, 8, Milan, Italy

“Between us there was a true partnership, a bond stronger than conjugal love, that of art. I mourned the man through the elucidation of his work. Today, it helps to understand him. It is another form of symbiosis.” (Annemarie Sauzeau, “Le Monde,” March 2014)

Electa is publishing the first part of the third volume of the catalogue of Alighiero Boetti (1940-1994), an artist of great inventiveness and refined irony, who engaged in a complex and varied artistic research all his life.

The third volume comprises works by AB between 1980 and 1987 and is divided into two parts. The first part, now published, includes the Maps, the Great Embroideries, the Biros and the Airplanes.

The volume is presented by the text by Jean-Christophe Ammann, “The transcultural perspective and play,” intended to alert the gaze to the use of ornament as a cultural code in Boetti’s works, and the last text written by Annemarie Sauzeau (who died in Sept. 2014) specially for the catalogue, “Erase the distance between Rome and Kabul. The Maps 1971-1994,” in which the genesis and development of the Maps over the years are set within the broader geopolitical context and a careful analysis of the shift in production from Afghanistan to Pakistan.
The works are divided by type and within each group, ordered chronologically. In each section, the works have been arranged together, by specificity, affinity of production, compositional schemes, technical similarity and adoption of the same compositional idea, creating an internal reorganization compared to the general chronology, in order to restore the complexity of the artist’s work, interwoven out of continuous inventions and reappropriations.
The many new images in this volume provide an overview of the whole and of complete cycles of works by the artist, finally enjoyable in full.

The catalogue project marks the collaboration between the Alighiero Boetti Archive and the Alighiero Boetti Foundation and envisions the publication of four volumes (the first volume was published in 2009, the second in 2012), edited by the Alighiero Boetti Archive with scholarly direction by Jean-Christophe Ammann, general scholarly coordination by Annemarie Sauzeau and Arianna Mercanti, entries by Arianna Mercanti and Caterina Niccolini, and with the methodology set by Annemarie Sauzeau, who continues to oversee the Archive.

With: Andrea Bellini, Agata Boetti, Matteo Boetti, Laura Cherubini, Arianna Mercanti, Caterina Raganelli Boetti, Giorgio Verzotti

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Museo del Novecento, Piazza Duomo, 8, Milan, Italy

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